At present the UK generate over around over 290 million tonnes of junk each year which has a major negative effect on our environment.

It is Easy-Go’s intention to revolutionise the waste management industry and in doing so educate the general public on the importance and the benefits of recycling.

Despite the increase in the amount of household waste that has been recycled over the past few years, we feel there is still a huge way to go especially within the commercial industries. Easy-Go recycles as much of the waste we clear as possible and in doing so help you contribute to rebalancing our environment.

To find out more on how we recycle our junk clearance waste call 0203 598 1773 to speak to our junk clearance team

Same day waste removal in 3 EASY STEPS!

Pick up the phone to speak to an Easy-Go team member who will schedule in the removal of your waste on 0203 598 1773

Our Easy-Go clearance team will attend that very same day to clear your unwanted waste

Once your waste has been removed it will be taken to licensed site to be recycled where possible

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